Here is how to Choose your new Custom ToeJammer Footplate?

Please provide a picture of your existing footrest via our CONTACT EMAIL if possible.

When choosing your Footplate Two things you need to know. (Most Important)

  1. The width of your feet together with shoes on (in inches)
  2. The inside width of the front forks of your wheelchair (in inches)

What type of wheelchair are you putting your footplate on?

(any can be notched to fit your chair)

A manual ridged frame chair (inches)

  • Small 8x8
  • Medium 10x10
  • Large 12 wide x 10 deep

A powered wheelchair

  • Medium 10x10
  • Large 12 wide x 10 deep

A hospital style or individual footrests

  • 6x10 inches each foot, 2 plates.

How do you plan on attaching the footplate to the wheelchair?

Check out our YouTube video to see how easy it is.

You can mount directly to the existing footrest using the bolt holes in the Toe Jammer footplate, position the new Toe Jammer Footplate on the existing plate, slide it until optimal positioning and line up the bolt holes with one of the groves of the existing plate. Drop the bolts that are provided through and tighten everything up using the hardware provided.

If you choose to use the bracket that your existing footrest was attached to make sure that the bolt holes are 3 inches center to center or specify when you are ordering so that the bolt holes will line up with your chair. 
Standard bolt holes are 3 Inches center to center

Next is to determine how fare back you want the footplate to be, standard bolt holes are in the center and either a set 1 5/8” forward or behind center, you choose when ordering.

Need a Notched Plate?

If you have a chair with narrow front forks and need one of our specialty plates that are notched out to allow for the bend of the footrest bar. We will need to know almost everything about your chair. or if you could send a picture would be the best.

On the notched out plates the side guard only comes back 3 inches instead of halfway and the notches are right after the end of the side guard.

If you are mounting to your existing plate then the bolt holes are not that important, but if you’re mounting to the bracket then we will need to know the offset of the bolt holes and the width of the holes center to center.

We will need to know how far back you want the first set of holes to be. When ordering if you could give as much information as possible in the comment box it would help us to get your order correct the first time. Also, any pictures or dimensions you can provide will be greatly appreciated!

No existing footplate? Just a Bar?

If you have just a bar please let us know, we do have brackets that will attach to the bar, but it will limit you on positioning of the plate. If you would like extra mounting holes please specify when ordering.

Choosing to drill out?

 A standard plate comes with no holes except for the six mounting holes. If you would like to have a full drill out on your plate, make sure you check that box when ordering.

Choosing your color.

The standard colors are white and black and plain aluminum. For a small up charge we can make it almost any color you want. We can even match the accents on your chair. We would just need a sample of the color you want to match.

Technical specifications

Modifications for customization

  • Size

    We can build a custom footplate to fit any size foot or wheelchair. Most popular are the 10x10" and the set of 6" wide (one for each foot) great for the bigger power chairs.

  • Protection

    Footplate comes with a two inch toe guard across the front and half of the way back down the sides of which can be extended or shortened depending on your preference.

  • Attachment drill holes

    If you know where you want your footplate to be mounted or if you want to mount directly to the bracket, you can specify the distance and they will be drilled to that spec. standard is 3" but some come at 3.25"

  • Metal

    Finally you can choose what type of metal you would like to have it built out of. Either regular flat aluminum or shinny aluminum diamond plate.