Toe Jammers Wheelchair Footplates for a Safer and More Comfortable Ride

Wheelchair Footplates

Wheelchair Footplates

We have a custom footplate for any and all manual wheelchairs. Options include color, size, drill out and notching for narrow forks. Since our footplates are custom made, we can make them to fit any motorized wheelchair as well. The motorized chair footplates are tapered toward the back for an excellent fit. Our hospital style footplates come in a pair. There are also options. Contact us for wholesale pricing on bulk orders.

Footplate Features

Learn why so many wheelchair users are protecting their feet with Toe Jammers!

Aluminum Wheelchair Footplate Foot Protection Custom Made in the USA
  • Fits All Types of Chairs

    Sizes, designs, and custom cuts for manual, motorized and hospital.

  • Protection for Your Feet

    Our footplates rap around the toes and half way down the sides of your feet.

  • Built to Last for Years

    Fully metal construction, bolted on, marine grade to repel moisture.

  • Perfect for All Ages

    Our small footplate is 8" x 8" and is perfect for the little ones.

Meet Kevin, Owner & Founder

Learn the why and what makes Toe Jammer Footplates so important.

Standard or Custom?

Our Most Common Footplates

Our footplates come in a range of sizes, a few standard colors,
and hole setups. Browse our selection today!

Request a Custom Footplate

We can design and build a custom footplate just for you. Answer a few questions and get an estimate.