How do I know which is the proper footplate to choose from?

You determine the size of the plate by the width of your feet and the distance between the front forks of your wheelchair. (Put your feet together with your shoes on and measure the width of your feet.)
- Also the inside width of the front forks of your wheelchair matters, you must have 1” of overhang on each side to fit the regular style plate or you will have to go with a specialty notched out plate, and they can go all the way to the inside of the forks. (If you can please send a picture of your footrest)
Check out the CHOICES page at ToeJammerFootplates.com for more information.

What does the Toe Jammer protect and how?

The Toe Jammer footplate was designed to protect your feet and toes from everyday objects that you would encounter. Protects your toes from banging into or snagging on something, causing cuts or breaks.
  • It has an inch and a half toe guard across the front and halfway down the sides of the plate, to protect the toes and the sides of your feet.
  • The footplate also helps to contain your feet and keep them in one place so you don’t have to worry about your feet sliding off the plate and getting snagged on something.

What is the footplate made of?

The base of the plate is made of 3/16”x 1 1/2” marine grade aluminum and the toe guard is made of 1/8”x 1 1/2” aluminum. The toe guard is professionally welded to the base plate, drilled out to your specifications and then powder coated to your choice of colors.

What wheelchairs will this footplate fit on?

The Toe Jammer footplate will fit onto most wheelchairs depending on the width and style of foot rest it is going to be mounted to. There are plates that are for standard hospital style chairs, the standard manual rigid frame chair, most all power chairs that have a single solid footrest.

How does the Toe Jammer footplate mount to your existing chair?

The footplate can be mounted several ways. You can mount it directly to the existing footplate that comes with your wheelchair, line up bolt holes of the new plate with the existing slots or holes and set to your comfort. If no holes line up you can always drill new ones.
- or if the bolt holes of your old footplate that came on the chair are the same as the new plate (3 inches center to center) then you can unbolt your old plate and bolt the new one directly to the footplate bracket.

Do the footplates come with the hardware and instructions
on how to install?

Yes, all footplates include 6-8 mounting holes 1/4” and is meant to be mounted either to the existing footplate or directly to the footplate bracket, using ¼”x 1” SS bolts and nylock nuts (included), when holes are 3” center to center. If you have a special footplate or bars on your chair, please lets us know in the comments section and mark special foot attachment and we have special brackets for them. CLICK HERE FOR THE VIDEO


Can you tell me why I would need a notched footplate?

The specialty notched plates for wheelchairs that the front forks of the wheelchair are narrow or tight to the legs. For the regular plates, you must have 1 inch of overhang to account for the bends of the bars or you have to get it notched to account for the bends. Without notches, a 10-inch plate needs 12 inches between the front forks of the wheelchair or has to be notched and then can fit inside the forks. With the notches, a 10-inch plate can fit into a space 10 inches inside to inside of the front forks. Any size plate can be notched but if so the toe guard will only come back 3 inches to account for the notches and the set back of your feet. There will be a $20 upcharge for notches.

If I send you a picture of my chair and measurements
can you help me pick the correct footplate?

Absolutely! Email Kevin at ToeJammerFootplates@gmail.com to send a message (including dimensions if possible) and attach any pictures. We are happy to help you. Please be sure to include the make and model of your chair as well.

Technical specifications

Modifications for customization

  • Size

    We can build a custom footplate to fit any size foot or wheelchair. Most popular are the 10x10" and the set of 6" wide (one for each foot) great for the bigger power chairs.

  • Protection

    Footplate comes with a two inch toe guard across the front and half of the way back down the sides of which can be extended or shortened depending on your preference.

  • Attachment drill holes

    If you know where you want your footplate to be mounted or if you want to mount directly to the bracket, you can specify the distance and they will be drilled to that spec. standard is 3" but some come at 3.25"

  • Metal

    Finally you can choose what type of metal you would like to have it built out of. Either regular flat aluminum or shinny aluminum diamond plate.