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Sometimes our standard footplates just don't fit the wheelchairs of our clients. If that includes you... please complete the custom order request from below and we will work with you to create the perfect footplate.

Please send me an email at toejammerfootplates@gmail.com describing what exactly you want or would like and I will try to accommodate your needs. 

Custom footplate specification page;

Size: (10x10, set of 6" wide by 12" long)  

Bolt hole attachment holes: (3" or 3.25")

Metal: Aluminum or diamond plate

Drill out or Not: holes drilled across the front to let dirt fall through

Color: Black or Aluminum

Technical specifications

Modifications for customization

  • Size

    We can build a custom footplate to fit any size foot or wheelchair. Most popular are the 10x10" and the set of 6" wide (one for each foot) great for the bigger power chairs.

  • Protection

    Footplate comes with a two inch toe guard across the front and half of the way back down the sides of which can be extended or shortened depending on your preference.

  • Attachment drill holes

    If you know where you want your footplate to be mounted or if you want to mount directly to the bracket, you can specify the distance and they will be drilled to that spec. standard is 3" but some come at 3.25"

  • Metal

    Finally you can choose what type of metal you would like to have it built out of. Either regular flat aluminum or shinny aluminum diamond plate.